The below signatories (and others as may be appended to this document) certify that each is authorized to sign any document necessary to conduct business with New Image and is jointly and severally liable for all contracts and obligations with New Image. Each acknowledges that they are jointly, severally, and individually bound, and must comply with, the terms and conditions of the New Image Independant Distributor Agreement, New Image Policies and Procedures, and New Image Compensation Plan. Violation of the New Image Distributor Application and Agreement and or New Image Policies and Procedures by any partner, member, shareholder, employee, trustee, officer, director, or other individual with any ownership or management (collectively “Affiliated Individuals”) of the Business Entity Applicant may be jointly and severally imputed to the Business Entity and each Affiliated Individual. Failure to list all Affiliated Individuals on this Business Entity Registration form (use additional pages if necessary) shall be grounds for disciplinary action as described in the New Image Policies and Procedures.

Transfers of ownership interest in an independent New Image business that is owned by a business entity are subject to the New Image Policies and Procedures. See the Policies & Procedures for a description of the Transfer Policy.

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